November 10, 2002

I just hit 4k miles on the SV; due for an oil change now, but my oil catch pan is in thousand oaks with the mitsubishi. Today was the first bit of sun we had in a while, so it seems like everyone with a motorcycle was out and about.

I started off aimlessly… ended up at the Balboa DMV, hoping to check out the dreaded cicle (the dmv motorcycle test), which I haven’t ridden, since I did MSF and got the waiver for my license. The area was roped off, but I wandered back on foot and took a look… I can see why people hate it.

Oh, this is out of chronological order, but gas station air pumps really aren’t meant for motorcycle tires…

So, I made my way down toward potrero, where the SCA holds some of its san diego events… I had been to the war, and remembered the road out to the site, so I decided to check it out. Most of the road was dry, just a few moist patches in the shadow of the mountain. This is a view west along the canyon, and this is what the road looked like where I snapped that first picture.

A familiar sight or two, for my war friends. I wandered up north of the camp site to see what was there, and found…

Thar be dragons here.

The way back. Mountains.

Me. No really, its me.

4000. 4000 from a distance.

Requisite milestone pictures.

Oh, and now here’s the signs of wear on the bike…Day 1. Today.

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