August 24, 2002

Just had a great ride… I was doing about 80 up the hill to my apartment with a pair of cars well ahead of me, so I was kinda going with the flow of that particular traffic. I check my mirror, signal, check over my shoulder and move into the empty right lane… slow for the right turn… and as I’m making the turn there’s this car out of nowhere behind me… I can only guess that they were behind me in the left lane and followed me over to make the turn…

I go through the turn in first and stay there til my apartment, as usual, go to make the left and this car comes up alongside me, almost in my lane, with its left turn signal on, and the driver is yelling out the window at me. “…ay…oin…oh…ast!”

And then he speeds off, clearly pissed at me for some reason. I didn’t cut him off and I can’t imagine what else I could have done to him… maybe drifted a bit close to his lane when rounding a curve (I did get close to the white lines, but didn’t cross them)… Or maybe he just saw a motorcycle going fast and figured I was clearly a lunatic and a danger to those around me, unlike the 6 tons of steel and plastic that I was following behind.

Wish I knew what the guy had said, so I could know why I should be pissed at the guy… As it is, its just one of those annoying incomplete moments where you know that some idiot is mad at you for no good reason but you lack the opportunity to throw it in their face.


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