August 17, 2002

James and Masa came down last night. We went out to blockbuster on the bikes on an unsuccessful hunt for a video (but really just to go ride). Got up this morning and hit the mission valley ihop via mira mesa (had to hit wamu on the way), then up to Cycle Gear where james got boots and knee sliders for Masa, and I picked up a jacket. Back to my place to dump excess gear and chill for a bit, then we were off again.

Over the hill toward del mar and up the long windy road out to camino ruiz, then back to the mira mesa baja fresh (masa couldn’t do pick-up-stix due to cross contamination (he’s vegan)). By this point I was tired and sore and my broken toe is giving me hell… knees slightly bugging me… I was ready to stop for the night… Perfect timing.

Masa and James are on their way back up to LA now. I had an absolute blast today. Put 140 miles on the bike.

They both think I’m off to a real good start.

Also did my first “repair” on the SV… There’s a rubber sleeve for a bolt on the windscreen that came poorly seated and I reseated it, with help from my sv toolkit. Neat.

OK, I’m hurting… gonna go watch Fast and the Furious.

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