April 18, 2003

I rode out to Fry’s today to get a couple fans for my system, one was making some noise (and the noise went away when I stopped the fan with my finger (Ouch!)) and my system had been unstable when my room was hot.

So, I ride over the pass into the valley, and I’m enjoying my first ride in a couple weeks. On my way down the back side, I get stuck behind a black pickup, who is stuck behind a red harley. I decided to chill and work on my line, rather than duck past the truck and harley (there were occasional gaps where I had room in the lane to slip by.

As we neared the straights at the bottom of the hill, a bicyclist that I had passed at the top of the hill pulled in front of me.

I laughed for about two miles.

So, I pulled the bad fan, plugged in two new case fans (and dialed down the speed on them, ’cause they were about 50db each at full speed), dropped in the pci slot fan and discovered that the CPU fan is now what’s making the nasty grindy noise… Sounds like I need to make another Fry’s trip.

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