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Blake Swopes is a disabled former Linux Systems Administrator from Southern California. Due to chronic pain, he can no longer spend much time on a keyboard, so this site has become largely archival.

Kiva Country Collector – Python scripts on GitHub

I’ve been a lender for a while, and I always try to pick up new countries when they’re available… KivaLens has been giving me trouble, though, so I started writing something myself against the kiva api.

You can find (and contribute code to) the project over on github at:

$ ./ -i bswopes
User ID: bswopes
No new countries found. Looking for less used countries.
Found 1 loans for country ALBANIA
Country ALBANIA, previous loan count 2

June 18, 2009

Strange moment during physical therapy today. I was rubbing my shoulder and the girl asked me what was up. Told her it hurt… blah blah… and I decided to just get on with my exercises so I made what I thought was a dismissive comment; I said “eh, everything hurts” *shrug*.

She didn’t take it as lightly as I meant though.

“That’s so sad.”

Wait, it is?

I’m always in pain… Isn’t everyone?

[EDIT: James informs me that in fact, no, its not supposed to hurt.]