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Robot Vacuum

Been a while since I had any updates. I’ve been disabled and I can’t really type very often. I’ve needed to rebuild this server forever, but I don’t think it’s going to get done.

Anyway! I’ve been using a robot vacuum and unlike my experience with several roombas, this one actually works and hasn’t died on me. I’ve been a fan of the iLife A4S. I can recommend it if you’re on the market for one.

I’ll be picking up a V3S Pro soon to see if that works better on pet hair.

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Some Asshole – FoxReplace substitution list for mass shooters

New github repo –

I’ve created this as a substitution list to replace the names of mass shooters with “Some Asshole”. So far, I only have the Oregon shooter and his inspiration from Isla Vista. Please feel free to share and submit pull requests with new names or fixes.

FoxReplace - Some Asshole

FoxReplace is available from the Mozilla addon store:

Let me know if there are any compatible plugins for other browsers.

Site slightly wonky

The site is a bit busted at the moment. I’ve added SSL as part of however I still need to tweak some configs. Can’t spend a lot of time on the keys right now, thanks to psoriatic arthritis. Should have this fixed in a couple days.

By the way, I got my cert from NameCheap for $1.99 as part of their support for Reset the Net day. If you’re thinking about it, now’s a great time to grab one.

Blue SVS

Purchased in September of 2003, this bike had 4 miles on the odometer. Having a bit of experience buying vehicles now, and armed with the dealer price sheet from, I negotiated a pretty decent deal. I might have done better, but I’m content.

After my crash in June 03, I was considering a GSX-R 750 for its suspension (and cause it gets the chicks), but I couldn’t get full coverage insurance on a sportbike with a crash on my record. Luckilly, the SVS is considered a standard, so I had the option of an SV1000S or an SV650S. I went with the 02 650, because I’m not a fan of the 03 styling… Its growing on me a bit, though.


GP Shift Mod

I found myself wanting to shift in a reverse pattern, so I tried out GP Shifting… It was very easy to set up on the SV. Before, during, after…


From: Golden_Eternity [bhodi@….com]
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 12:08 PM
To: ‘BUGTRAQ@….com’
Subject: Non-user accounts assigned shell by default – Red Hat 6.1-7.0,
et al.

AFFECTED VERSIONS: Confirmed on Red Hat 6.1, 6.2 and 7.0
The default installation does not assign a shell for most non-user accounts
(e.g. nobody, bin). If no shell is specified for an account, the shell
defaults to /bin/sh.

On its own, this does not pose a significant threat. However, very few of
these accounts require a shell, so there is no reason to grant this extra
privilege. This may violate security policies for granting the minimum
privileges necessary to accomplish a task.

Additionally, the default installation of /etc/shells does not contain a
shell such as /bin/false which would deny login.

Red Hat was contacted about this in June 2000 and has elected not to fix
this problem at this time.
The solution would be to assign these accounts a false shell which will
not permit login, such as /bin/false. This shell could be added to /etc/shells
for use with chsh.
[root@roto-router /root]# grep “nobody” /etc/passwd
[root@roto-router /root]# su nobody

[root@roto-router /root]# grep “xfs” /etc/passwd
xfs:x:43:43:X Font Server:/etc/X11/fs:/bin/false
[root@roto-router /root]# su xfs
[root@roto-router /root]#

I apologize if this is not considered a significant enough issue to post
to bugtraq. I debated posting for a while and eventually decided that if
it isn’t, the moderator will kill it. 😉

Since some administrators may not be aware that there is a default shell
for unix/linux accounts, I felt this information could be useful.

Updates to this warning can be found at